An inexpensive, stand-alone software portal built to suit real property managers

The Beginning

RAMSrent was created in 2007 to be an inexpensive, stand-alone software portal for small property managers. Our parent company is a custom software development company, so we worked closely with a few local Tallahassee property managers to develop a “portal” that exactly matched their needs. Our client’s needs were diverse, so we filled the payment portal with other features including an Online Resident Application module and a Property Lister module.

We knew that property management accounting software companies charged a LOT for their software – they still do - so we strived to make RAMSrent online payments inexpensive to property managers and give those large companies a run for their money. We even found a way, via the convenience fee, for property managers to earn a profit on rent transactions.

Learning and Adapting

We found it hard to compete with larger companies when it came to property management accounting software for online payments. Instead of competing, we decided to differentiate ourselves by listening to the needs of our clients and developing a solution. Our client’s needed a way to maintain and display a list of their properties. They also needed a way to accept online resident applications and keep an electronic record of applicants.

Our Solution

We developed an Online Resident Application module and Property Lister module. In regards to the Online Resident Application, we have teamed up with a company called Online Rental Exchange and created a seamless interface between RAMSrent and their versatile “background and credit-check” software. When a prospective resident applies, you – the property manager or landlord - can receive an INSTANTANEOUS background and/or credit check for that applicant from within the Online Resident Application. With the Property Lister you can maintain and display an unlimited number of your properties (with pictures) directly from your website.


Our existing clients use these modules because:

  • They are easy to maintain and update
  • They link easily and seamlessly with their existing websites
  • The online resident application option allows for more potential tenants
  • The information from each online resident application is stored in an efficient and organized database
  • It is easy to transfer information from the application to another accounting software once the applicant becomes a resident
  • They can run instant background and credit checks on applicants using the information provided in the resident application

It doesn’t matter how many units you have or what accounting software you use. The modules are mutually exclusive, so you can choose the ones that fit your need. Call us today to get started!